S7: Light Weight - S7 Week 36

Mar 14 / 2W Season 6
No matter how much weight he was lifting or pushing, professional bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman (now retired) always said the same thing: "Light Weight." A Light Weight mindset helps you expand your mindset for what is possible. When you believe you can achieve more, then you will work at a higher level to achieve it. It is not the belief that gets you there; it is the actions you take based on that belief. But if you don't believe your goal is achievable, you'll never see the actions that will help you reach it. When you face a big, heavy goal, tell yourself: "Light Weight."

Pillar: Growth Mindset

Key Topics:
growth mindset, setting goals, mindset, effort, believe in yourself, can or can’t, next step, overcoming obstacles, self awareness